118 Miles Long Island Compilation Volume 1

118 Miles

They Fall To Pieces

Setting the Long Island music scene ablaze since 2006, They Fall To Pieces (TFTP) presents a post-hardcore sound with a melodic twist.
Jamming together, Chris Duska, Joe Hess, and Rob Donaldson, began writing and melding their talents. Recognizing the potential of the early works written, they brought in bassist Mike Madigan, to compliment the creations. The final addition of Jason Koza, brought completion to the TFTP sound. Merging creative elements and diverse musical backgrounds, these five talents combine to appeal to lovers of all musical genres.


Aural Fix magazine heralds They Fall To Pieces as “…a band that will be turning a lot of heads.” In attendance at a shoulder-to-shoulder packed show, Aural Fix highlights the perfect blends of singing and screaming and the sense of the old hardcore/punk days of the local music scene.

TFTP’s song “No Jesus, No Pickles” was tracked and mixed by Scott Gross and Mike Mehr at Hit and Run Studios and mastered by Rob Russell for Dynamic Audio Solutions.


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