118 Miles Long Island Compilation Volume 1

118 Miles

Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers

26 Lead Soldiers

“Give me 26 lead soldiers and I will conquer the world,” stated Ben Franklin. A powerful thought that Coram, NY-based Metalcore act Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers takes to heart. The band, unleashed in 2011 is living proof that words (formed by the 26 letters of the alphabet) have more power than loaded guns and their lyrics will awaken an evolution – in you.

26 Lead Soldiers

Former band members from A Farewell Fire (Vocalist: Billy Moros), Slightly Imperfect (Guitarist: Michael Herr), Attack the Lion (Bassist: TJ Maffei) and Someone’s Eyes (Drummer: JR Fury) have come together in perfect union with their driving guitar, bass and drum riffs coupled with infectious vocals to rattle your cage and make you wish you were still learning you’re ABC’s.

Tracks “Faith in Lies”, “Bombs Over Broadway” and “Collateral Damage” will be tearing up the summer airwaves – be prepared.

Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers was mixed by Scott Gross and Mike Mehr at Hit and Run Studios with guest mixer Mike Mulieri.