118 Miles Long Island Compilation Volume 1

118 Miles

The Jett Blackk Heart Attack

“Joey ‘thumbs’ on the bass…..Jonny Walker BLACKK on the geeeetar….Hawnz (in the fire) on the heart stopping drums..and driving this audible wrecking ball….Dave ‘I’m cracking this goddamn CASE on the vocals!!”—-j.d. of voodoodoll productions…


THE JETT BLACKK HEART ATTACK take you back to a time when music was loud and in your face,yet not over the top. With an organic songwriting chemistry, a monster rhythm section and searing, passionate vocals THE JETT BLACKK HEART ATTACK forge an uncompromising and infectious brand of rock n roll. Speaking to the common man, THE JETT BLACKK HEART ATTACK relate to, and project the trials & tribulations that are true to life. Matters such as heartbreak (Little Miss Untrue), betrayal (Blackmail For Beginners), the working grind (6 A.M. Time Again), escapism (Brokedown City), and the exploits of debauchery (Another Pretty Face), are examined and explored with honesty, credibility and catchiness. Through submerging in what is personal and avoiding lofty world issues (that’s Bono’s job), THE JETT BLACKK HEART ATTACK stand to connect with their audience on a very real and intimate level. Through the combined efforts of smart decision making, diplomacy,writing from the heart, superb showmanship and sheer experience, THE JETT BLACKK HEART ATTACK create the perfect hybrid of business entity and buddy band- and make it work. The roles of each member travel beyond their instruments to micro-managing the future, successes and goals of the Jett Blackk experience.